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  • Product: Oil Transformer
  • Rated capacity: 5~31500kVA
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Primary voltage: 0.11~132kV
  • Secondary voltage: 0.11~11kV


*Energy saving: amorphous core would reduce no-load losses

*Adopt amorphous alloy as the core’s material, no-load loss is lower 65% than S11

* Security: strong ability of withstand short-circuit in the low voltage coil

* Low voltage winding wound on the hard paper tube, enhancing the capacity to withstand short circuit for the transformer

* Easy: maintenance-free

* Adopt high quality anti-aging seals, ensure the transformer maintenance free


* Three- column structure: could joint into Yy0, small

* The 3 column core, winding connection symbol can be Yy0 .