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  • Product: Shift-phase rectification transformer
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Providing the multiphase rectifier power to middle and high voltage inverter, playing a multiple role of isolation and phase shifting, mainly used in boiler fan in power plant, water supply system and metallurgy, chemical industry and municipal engineering of automated control system.


Excellent structure, small size and high reliability:

1.With electromagnetic and structural optimization design, small size and lower noise;

2. Same mold windings, special support structure for coil end surface, high strength mechanical, high ability of withstand short-circuit, safe and reliable;

3.Maintenance-free fastening body structure, keep reliable in the long-distance transport and operation

4.Lead lays out neatly, reasonable and nice.

High-quality material and good performance:

      1.Made of Class C Dupont insulation materials with big running temperature rise margin, strong overload capacity, high fire resistance, good thermal stability and long service life.

     2. Adopted vacuum pressure impregnation Class C  with UL insulating paint to ensure moisture proof, dust-proof, anti-contamination and low partial discharge.

    3.With high-quality core made of silicon steel sheet and high-quality oxygen-free copper wire to reduce the effective operation loss and improve efficiency.

Good solution to harmonic influence:

 1.Made of high-performance silicon steel sheet material and lower magnetic flux density design so as to withstand overvoltage and harmonic influence unsaturated.     

 2. Lower current density design and sufficient margin to make winding withstand additional temperature rise caused by harmonic.

 3. Advanced insulation structure that can withstand a variety of over-load insulation impact.

 4. Reaching up to maximum 27 phase for secondary winding in result a great reduction of the harmonics influence on the power grid and other equipment.

Main technical parameters

Coil structure: open dry type

Cooling: AN/AF

Rated voltage: 3, 6, 10kV

Capacity: 300~6000KVA

Secondary phase: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27

Standard: IEC60076.15, IEC617378.1,IEC2200