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  • Product: UPS, EPS inverter power transformer
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Inverter power transformer is a power conversion device, which can convert DC to AC power with other circuits together. It has the function of voltage conversion, isolation and filtering.

1.Small and light:
2.,Maded of high-quality materials according to optimized design to make the size small and weight light.
3.Low loss and high efficiency:
4. Made of low-loss high quality silicon steel sheet material to improve the product efficiency.
5.Meeting the special requirements of SPWM wave to the transformer, being of reliable performance.

Main technical parameters
Type of coil structure: open dry type
Cooling: AN/AF
Operating voltage: 0~2000V
Capacity: 0~20KVA
Fundamental frequency: 50/60Hz
Pulse width modulation wave frequency: 0~5kHz
Protection class: IP00
Standard: IEC60076