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  • Product: Locomotive auxiliary power transformer/reactor
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Locomotive auxiliary power transformer                 Locomotive power filter reactor

Locomotive integrated magnetic transformer

Locomotive single-phase inverter power transformer

It has the functions of providing voltage change for electric locomotive auxiliary power, power filtering and isolation. It is applied for ordinary electric locomotive, high-speed locomotive, subway and other rail vehicle, in where need shock and vibration resistance performance, humidity resistance and flame retardant,etc.

High reliability:

Optimized structural design to achieve shock and vibration resistance, having high strength toughness, with good vacuum pressure impregnation technology to make anti-voltage shock and thermal shock.

Environment adaptability:
1.By process of second overall vacuum pressure impregnation and outer three anti-spraying to achieve moisture resistance and anti-contamination.
2.Adapting well to the harsh operating condition on the bottom of locomotive.
3.The winding insulation resistance can reach more than 1 MΩ, even soak 12 hours.
4. High film strength and good toughness.

High security level:
No poisonous gas during the operation. Fireproof and inflaming retarding.

Small and light:
1.Adopted high-quality material with optimized design to make it smaller and lighter ( 15% lighter than conventional products. ).
2.Integrating magnetic transformer and reactor and playing a role of voltage change and filtering combine with capacitor, smart and improve the power density

Low loss and high efficiency:
Made of low loss and high quality silicon steel material to reduce losses and improve efficiency

Main technical parameters
Cooling type: AN / AF
Operating voltage: 0~2000V
Operating current: 0~2000A
Capacity: 0~500KVA
Fundamental frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Pulse width modulation wave frequency: 0~5kHz
Protection class: IP00~IP65
Standard: IEC60077, IEC600310, IEC289