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  • Product: Electrostatic precipitator intermediate frequency power transformer (environmental protection)
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Electrostatic precipitator high voltage DC power transformer, it can combine with precipitator and voltage control device formed the high voltage electrostatic device, it is suitable for dust elimination, defogging and dehydration, impurity separation, recycling of rare materials and other materials and other applications.

Transformer is high impedance type.
Adopting imported silicon steel and amorphous materials according to the operating frequency, it will have low loss and high efficiency.
Adopting avalanche high voltage silicon stack, it has strong impact resistant and could recovery automatically even been reverse breakdown.
Adopting reliable materials for sampling resistor.
There are three types of available products: industrial frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency.

Main technical parameters
Input voltage: 220V, 380V, 480V
Output voltage: 40kV~150kV
Rated output current: 0.1~2.0A
Rated frequency: industrial frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency