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  • Product: Mining Explosion Proof Dry-type Transformer
  • Rated capacity:
  • Frequency:
  • Primary voltage:
  • Secondary voltage:

The product is applied for underground environment containing methane mixture gas and coal dust with potential explosion hazard. It can be grouped into a mining flame proof mobile substation with the HV switch and LV switch. Or it can be used separately as a flame-proof transformer together with the explosion-proof outlet box.

1, With excellent explosioin-proof performance and adequate mechanical strength.
2, Designed with no-lifting core structure to prevent the product internal loose during transportation.                                                     
3, Adapted to a variety of mine conditions through lifting vertically.
4, By using cylinder- type coil to make impulse voltage distribution uniform,so that achieving HV winding strong resistance to over voltage impact.
5.Adopted vacuum pressure impregnation process, HV and LV coils wound with same mold, having the effect of high strength and anti short circuit ability.
6. Made of much Class C insulation materials, high thermal shock resistance, high over load capacity, and good insulation performance.
7.No sensitive to temperature and dust. Nonflammable, Fire-retardant, no harmful gas, low noise, no pollution. Maintenance free under normal  use.

Main technical parameters

Rated value/feature

Technical parameters

Primary voltage

10kV, 6kV

Secondary voltage

3.45 kV, 1.2 kV, 0.693 kV, 0.4kV

Maximum capacity


Connection symbol

Yy0(d11), Dd0(y11)

Cooling mode


Lightning shock withstand voltage (peak)

75kV, 60kV

Protection class


Explosion proof type


Using standard