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  • Product: Epoxy cast resin dry-type power transformers
  • Rated capacity: 30-8000kvakVA
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Primary voltage: 0.11~132kV
  • Secondary voltage: 22kV

Excellent performance: is suitable for the places like government offices and bureau residential area and other areas that strictly demand of special require for fire proof
2.harsh operation conditions like: high altitude, high humidity, high temperature and large temperature difference
3.large load fluctuation or long time overload places like urban rail, metallurgical industries, power plants, shopping mall and so on.

Combining the quality performance of conventional open SG series and cast resin SC series dry type transformer;
It could rival with the SG series cooling capacity and high performance(C-class), and has moisture proof and impact resistance, lightning shock resistance capacity;
It could rival with the SC series environmental adaptability and lighting shocks resistance, has stronger thermal shock resistance, anti-cracking and recycling capacity.
Adopting Dupont NOMEX insulation systems in the main insulation, inflaming retarding, explosion proof and so on.
Vacuum pressure impregnation curing process, high mechanical strength, withstand short-circuit, safe and reliable
1.Class C insulation(heat resistance temperature 220℃), strong ability for overload
2.A multi-lay coil enclosed structure, partial discharge is small, high insulation level, long service life.
3.Self- cleaning airway, rubber seal in the end, moisture proof, dust proof and salt spray proof.
4.The toughness of resin impregnation process, material without cracking, both thermal and shocks resistance.
Environmental protection will not pollute the environment in the transport, storage and operating
2.low noise and maintenance-free
3.It could be recyclability.
Energy conservation
1.amorphous material or high permeability silicon steel, low no-load loss and energy-saving
2.small, low current density and low load loss

Main technical parameters
●Coil structure:open dry type
●Rated voltage:3,6,10kV
●Capacity :300~6000KVA
●Secondary phase:6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27
●Standard :IEC60076.1-5, IEC617378.1, IEC2200, JB/T8636, GB1094.11, GB1094.1-5