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  • Product: Energy feedback reactor
  • Rated capacity:
  • Frequency:
  • Primary voltage:
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It can filter the higher harmonic from feedback to grid of renewable energy when inverter braking. Energy feedback reactors can filter high harmonics and clean the grid. It can be customized.

1.Adopted  200 level polyimide argon amine wire of temperature resistance and withstand voltage.
2.With the capability of withstanding pulse impact of high dv/dt for the enameled wire.
3.Imported magnetic core from Korean with low loss, high frequency use and strong overload ability.
4.With low density and light weight for the magnetic core.
5.Adopted no-gap structure for the reactor, not only simple and beautiful look, but also small magnetic flux leakage, reliable and no charge for inductance in long time.
6.No Magnetostrictive.
7.Less than 60dB noise when reactors working within 1-30kHz.
8.Applied for elevator energy feedback filtering.

Main technical parameters
1.Rated voltage: 380V/690V/1140V 
2.Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
3.Rated current: 5A~500A
4.Operation temperature: 40℃
5.Dielectric strength: 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s
6.Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ (1000VDC)
7.Noise: <65dB
8.Protection class: IP00
9.Insulation degree: H, C