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        Mining Flame-proof Mobile Substation


        Transformers/reactors/intelligent integrated substations-Smart Energy for Better Life



        Mining Flame-proof Mobile Substation  is designed specially for environment of methane mixture gas, coal dust and potentially explosive areas. It’s widely used in coal mines, non-ferrous metal mines, tunnel projects etc.

        The Explosion-proof Mobile Substation consists of mainly explosion-proof high voltage switch, explosion-proof transformer, and explosion-proof low voltage switch. The transformer is bolted to the high and low voltage switches.

        HV and LV switches have three configuration options:

        A) Mining Flameproof HV vacuum switch + Mining Flameproof LV protection box 

        B) Mining Flameproof HV vacuum switch + Mining Flameproof LV feed switch

        C) Mining Flameproof HV vacuum switch + Mining Flameproof LV multi-loop combined switch(LMCC)



        1. One of the drafters of the National Standard Mine Flameproof Mobile Substations (GB/T 8286-xxxx ), which will replace the existing national standard (GB/T 8286-2005 ) and it was submitted for trial in Beijing.

        2. +20 years experience R&D team, derived from 60 years of history transformer manufacturer in Changsha, Hunan, China since 1956.

        3. Full range of transformer types with customized functions is available.

        4. CE & ISO certificated.


         Product Features

         1. Multiple protective functions of overload, short circuit, leakage, leakage lockout, over-voltage, under-voltage and over temperature. 

          With RS485 interface for computer communication. 

          Excellent explosion-proof performance and sufficient mechanical strength. 


          2. Main insulating material is C-class and Nomex paper is adopted, plus the oxygen-free copper  winding, which ensures small partial discharge, small no-load and load loss, and low temperature rise. 


        3. Special anti-loose structure with vertical lifting ability, no internal looseness during transportation, easy to use and maintain. 

        4. Superior silicon lamination for steel core, the lamination joint is processed by oblique cut angle and the latest new technology “seven-step”, which ensures small no-load loss and current. 


        5. Equipped with rail wheels, strong impact resistance ability, detachable and adjustable rail gauge. 


              Main Specifications

        Transformer type

        Three phases, dry type



        Rated capacity

        Up to 8000kVA 

        Rated voltage

        Up to 10kV

        Insulation class


        Cooling mode


        Explosion-proof type


        Connection code

        Yd, Dyn, Yyn etc.

        Executive standard


          Model Number