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        General type mining oil transformer is applied for underground environments where have low concentration gas and coal dust without danger, such as the central substation of coal mine, shaft station, primary and main air inlet. It is also applied for the wet environments, such as tunnels etc.

        1.With small volume, easy to descend down to the mine well.
        2.The oil tank is firmed and has reasonable structure, with HV and LV cable connection box.
        3.With low noise and low loss through using high quality magnetic properties silicon steel sheet.
        4.Permission of transformer LV winding to connect the "Y" connection into 693V or "D" connection into 400V power supply.
        5.The transformer is equipped with towed sled with mounting holes, extra assembly of mine car wheel in case of necessary.

        Main technical parameters
        Structure: Oil immersed
        Rated capacity: 50-1600KVA
        Primary voltage: 10KV, 6KV
        Secondary voltage: 690V/400V
        Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

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