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        It is applied for power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency devices (like intermediate frequency inductive stove), electrochemical (electrolysis), frequency conversion, traction, HVDC transmission, electroplating, spraying, electrical processing, charge, excitation, transmission and electrostatic precepitation and other industry with general industrial rectifier power supply.

        1. The separated structure for water and electricity in reactor waterway, easy maintenance, safe and reliable.
        2. Made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet material, low loss, small size and light weight.
        3. Bad environment condition working, such as at a high degree of protection class required or poor heat dissipation or low temperature rise.
        4.Waterway working water pressure for 1-10 Bar, stable and reliable.

        Main technical parameters
        1.Separation of water and electricity (plate type water-cooled reactor), current: 500-1500A, inductance: 0.01-0.5mH, widely applied for wind power, inverter and other electrical equipment.
        2.Integration of water and electricity (tube type water cooled reactor), current: 1-10A, inductance: 0.1-2.0mH, widely applied for smelting, induction heating and other industrial devices.

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