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        • Product: Urban rail transit rectifier transformer
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        Power system of urban subway and rail transportation acts as a 12-pulse or 24-pluse rectifier power for traction substation.

        High reliability

        1.Made of high-performance silicon steel sheet material and lower operating flux density design so as to withstand overvoltage and harmonic influence unsaturated.
        2.Adopted advanced insulation structure which can withstand a variety of over-voltage insulation impact caused by harmonics.
        3.Large margin of running temperature, with high overload capacity, long service life and good thermal stability.

        High harmonic suppression ability and good balance performance
        1.Adopted 12-pulse or 24-pluse rectifier phase-shifting technology to reduce the harmonic content greatly and reach the latest level of rail transportation
        2.High winding leakage reactance design to reduce the impact of higher harmonics on the grid, inhibiting the di/dt of rectifier and protecting the rectifier.
        3.Reducing output voltage deviation in the value side to ensure the accuracy of the phase shift, being of good balance performance in the valve side.

        Main technical parameters
        Capacity: 800~5000kVA
        Voltage: 10kV, 20kV, 35kV
        Pulse number: 12pulse or 24pulse

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