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        • Product: Magnetic valve type controllable reactor (reactive, filtering)
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        MCR could output continuously adjustable inductive reactions; it can smoothly and continuously match up with filter power system frequency harmonics which combined with reactive compensating capacitor filter branch.

        Reliable, it could operation for 20 years with free maintenance.
        Responses rapidly, the response speed can up to 20ms.
        Has a 0-105% adjustable range.
        Has small volume, which can be easily installed.
        Owns strong overloads capacity, realize 100* 30 seconds and 40% overload per half hour.
        Low loss and large capacity, the loss will lower than 0.5%.
        Owns strong overvoltage capacity, has a good ability of automatically limit pressure.

        Main technical parameters
        Rated voltage: 6~66KV
        Rated capacity: 0.5~10Mvar
        Phase No.: three or single
        Cooling type: ONAN/ONAF
        Response speed: 20ms
        Loss: ≤0.8%
        Noise level: ≤65dB
        Service life: ≥30 years

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