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        Photovoltaic step-up substation is a box-type substation running in power grid. It can make the voltage of three-phase AC power from solar energy box inverter station or inverter room boost to 10KV or 35KV three-phase AC power. A box- type inverter station and a step up station can be integrated into one photovoltaic power generation station.

        Compact structure, high sealing performance

        1.With box-type, reasonable layout of system and high sealing performance, sand dust proof, salt spray proof and rain & snow prevention.

        Casing body with high environmental adaptability
        Deferent material choice, high environmental adaptability, artistic and high harmony.

        Isolated units, safe and reliable
        Independently mounting in three compartments for Low-voltage inlet cabinet, dual split transformers and high-voltage outlet cabinet, with complete functions and easy to maintain.

        Intelligent control
        Realizing the remote control and self-powered through setting remote device and power transformers  in the low pressure cabinet. By intelligent control to realize both local control and remote monitoring.

        Main technical parameters
        Low voltage: 0.27KV
        Output voltage: 10KV, 20KV, 35KV
        Type of transformer: double ring step-up transformer, low voltage dual split step-up transformer
        Rated output power: 315~2400kW
        Rated grid voltage: 10/20/35KV
        Rated grid frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
        Allowable grid frequency: 47~51.5Hz/57~61.5Hz
        Standard: IEC62271-202

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