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        • Product: Non-coal mines, tunnel engineering, public construction mobile substation (EU cooperation products)
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        Non-coal mines, tunnels and public facilities construction mobile substation is a complete set of box-type integrated substation that mounted on the sled-shaped steel chassis which is special reinforced. It is placed on the flat ground in mines or public construction site to supply power without foundation. It can be movable by tractor if necessary, operated specially for the movement condition.

        European electrical control technology and fully protection functions:

        The electrical control technology was imported from Europe, which has the protection of overload, short circuit, leakage, leakage lockout, overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature protection, etc.

        Multiple power supply, independent protection:
        According to user requirement, multiple outputs in low voltage end, independent protect for circuit.

        With insulation monitoring, safety:
        Adopting insulation monitoring to keep operation security.

        Protection and control by microcomputer, highly intelligent:
        Microcomputer centralized display and control, highly intelligent.

        Special design for extraordinary circumstances:
        Special design according to the movable condition, high degree of protection, high environment adaptability.

        Special cable connectors and convenient to use:
        Independent cable boxes or fast plug connectors, convenient to wiring.

        Main technical parameters

        Rated value/feature

        Technical parameters

        Primary voltage

        10kV, 6kV

        Secondary voltage

        1.2kV, 0.693kV, 0.4kV

        Rated Capacity


        HV switch rated voltage

        12kV, 7.2kV

        HV switch rated current


        Vacuum breaker specification

        630A/12kV, 7.2kV

        Vacuum breaker breaking capacity


        Industrial frequency withstand voltage

        42kV/1min, 23kV/1min

        Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)

        75kV, 60kV

        Protection class


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