14 measures for improving the quality of distribution transformers by State Grid Materials Department

Date:Apr 10,2019

1.Improve the design requirements of the transformer to withstand short-circuit current.

2. Optimize the heat dissipation design of the oil-immersed transformer.

3. Optimize dry transformer design.

4. Optimize the design of amorphous alloy core transformer.

5. Production is carried out in strict accordance with the transformer design that has obtained the type test report.

6. Strengthen the selection of key raw materials.

7. Strengthen the inspection of incoming raw materials.

8. Strengthen production environment management.

9. Strengthen the coil production process control.

10. Strengthen the assembly control of the core and clamp of the amorphous alloy core transformer.

11. Vacuum filling and enhanced oil quality monitoring.

When filling the oil, make sure the tank is clean. Vacuum filling is recommended. Regularly check the tank outlets and conduct oil tank outlet oiling tests,

at least twice a month.

12. Strengthen the quality control of the factory test.

13. Strengthen the quality control of type test and short-circuit withstand test.

14. Standardize the technical requirements for the procurement of raw materials and components.

Suppliers are required to specify the supplier, model, key parameters and origin of the main raw materials and group components in the bid documents.

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