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Dry type transformer VS Oil immersed transformer


1. Dry type power transformer can avoid the risk of fire and explosion of transformer oil caused by fault in operation. Because the insulation materials of the dry type transformer are all non-combustible materials, even if the transformer breaks down and causes a fire or has an external fire source, the fire disaster will not be increased.

2. Dry type power transformer will not have leakage of oil like oil-immersed transformer, no aging of transformer oil and other problems, usually dry type power transformer operation maintenance and maintenance workload is greatly reduced, or even no maintenance.

3, dry type power transformer is generally indoor device, for special requirements of the place can be made into outdoor type, it can be installed in the same room with the switch cabinet, reduce the installation area.。

4, dry type power transformer due to no oil, so its accessories are less, no oil storage tank, safety air port and a large number of valves and other parts, no sealing and other problems.

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