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Urban rail transit Rectifier transformer


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1, high reliability

   1) High-performance silicon steel sheet, low working magnetic density design, withstand the effects of overvoltage and harmonics.

   2) Advanced insulation structure, able to withstand various overvoltage insulation shocks caused by harmonics.

2. Strong harmonic suppression and good balance performance

   1) Using 12-pulse and 24-pulse phase-shifting rectification technology, the harmonic content is greatly reduced, reaching the latest level of current rail transit equipment;

   2) High-winding leakage resistance, reducing the influence of higher harmonics on the power grid and other equipment; at the same time effectively suppressing the di/dt of the rectifier and protecting the rectifier.

   3) Reduce the deviation of the valve side output voltage to ensure the phase shift accuracy and the valve side output balance performance is good.

In order to solve the increasingly prominent traffic congestion and environmental pollution problems in large and medium-sized cities, China is currently vigorously developing large-capacity urban rail transit. At present, the voltage level of the rail transit traction rectifier substation system is 35kV and 10kV. In order to improve the influence of the higher harmonics of the rectifier device on the power grid and communication equipment, people have been pursuing more and more for high power rectifier devices. The rectification phase number, 12-phase 24-pulse dry traction rectifier transformer performance indicators can meet the requirements of metro power supply, especially in improving the effect of high-order harmonics of the rectifier device on the power grid.   

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