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Transformer sound level


110kv transformer <60dB, 220kv transformer <60dB, 500kv transformer <70dB, transformer noise becomes an important technical parameter of the transformer. The noise of the transformer body is related to the rated capacity of the transformer, the performance of the silicon steel sheet, the iron core processing technology, the internal structure, the pressing force of the core and the body.

  1. The source of the transformer noise is the core vibration caused by the magnetostriction of the iron core silicon steel sheet.

  2. There is an electromagnetic attraction due to magnetic leakage between the seam of the silicon steel sheet and the lamination. This electromagnetic attraction generates periodic vibration with the change in the frequency of the exciting current, reducing the magnetic flux density and reducing the noise. 

  3. Reducing the noise of transformer components is the key technology for manufacturing low-noise transformers. Self-cooled transformers have much lower noise than air-cooled, strong oil-air cooled or strong oil-water cooled transformers. Most transformers use self-cooled.

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