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Difference between the copper core and the aluminum core of the transformer?


What is the difference between the copper core and the aluminum core of the transformer? 

Copper winding transformer: Copper core has low resistivity, so it has good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, higher mechanical strength than aluminum wire, better tensile strength than aluminum wire, and copper wire has higher melting point than aluminum wire, so it has strong short-circuit resistance. Due to the low resistivity and good conductivity of copper wires, it is relatively simple to produce energy-saving transformers that meet the energy efficiency standards. For aluminum wire transformers to meet the energy efficiency standards, the conductor cross-section must be enlarged to make the transformer bulky.

Aluminum winding transformer:The conductive function is worse than copper wire, the melting point is low, the short-circuit resistance is poor, the mechanical strength is worse than copper wire, the wire is easy to break, the ability to withstand short-circuit is poor, the thermal stability is poor, the impact resistance is poor, the aluminum wire pressure welding head is in It is simply incinerated under the impact of lightning and current. Aluminum is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. The welding process of the lead-out wires of aluminum wire transformers is more complicated. The joints are easy to disconnect after a strong force. The long-term work of the joints is prone to chemical reactions, resulting in large resistivity and local overheating. it is larger than a copper wire transformer. However, compared with copper wire transformers with equal capacity, aluminum wire transformers have lower cost and lighter weight.

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