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Transformer Tank


Distribution transformers shall be free breathing or sealed and may have grid or corrugated tanks.

The transformer tank shall be of welded construction, radiators shall not obstruct the connection path of cable.

Means shall be provided, inside the tank, for locating the core and the winding at the top and the bottom of the tank, in case where the core and windings are attached to the tank cover, they shall rest on the tank base plate when the transformer is fully assembled.

A sealed transformer that has a rigid tank with a gas cushion shall have an expansion space that is filled with dry air or dry, inert gas.

The Tank Special attention is paid to corrosion protection. Pretreatment of the surface is processed by phosphating pickling, contributes to corrosion protection, just like multi-coating with preset drying times for each layer. On request, hot-dip galvanization provides for even better protection.  


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