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What are the common faults of three-phase isolation transformers


Three-phase dry type isolation transformer  is a transformer with three independent windings, which can input and output three-phase AC power. therefore, correct and proper operation and use can indeed significantly reduce the failure rate, but failures may still occur from time to time. In the process of using a three-phase isolation transformer, what common faults will appear?

1, Iron core failure

The iron core is a relatively important part of the three-phase isolation transformer, so once the iron core fails, the range of influence will be very large. Therefore, the relevant maintenance personnel must pay attention to the obvious heating of the iron core, or always pay attention to whether the oil color in the oil tank of the transformer deepens and the temperature rises. The occurrence of these obvious damage conditions is most likely to be a core failure.

2, Winding coil failure

This part of the winding is another main component of the three-phase isolation transformer. When the winding insulation of the transformer is inevitably damaged or aged due to long use, various winding faults may occur. It shows that the DC resistance of the three-phase winding is obviously unbalanced or the high-voltage fuse is blown.

3, Tap changer failure

Common faults of three-phase isolation transformers include various iron core faults, winding faults and tap switch faults. Therefore, when customers purchase isolation transformers, they must pay attention to which transformer manufacturer has a good reputation, because those manufacturers with good reputation can provide effective and timely professional technical support.



If the surface of the tap changer contact of the three-phase isolation transformer has an audible discharge phenomenon, that there is a problem with the tap changer. 

The cause may be insufficient pressure of the springs of the tap switch contacts or loose bolts that cause the switch to be misaligned. The solution at this time is to replace the new switch and corresponding bolts in time.

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