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what is reason for the operation of three-phase transformer?


At present, the three-phase dry type transformer has the unique function of changing the AC voltage. Therefore, the 35kv dry-type transformer can convert one level of AC voltage into another level of AC voltage based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, in order to consider the requirements of different loads during the processing. 

So, what is the main reason for the operation of a three-phase transformer? 


One: The influence of variable pressure oil aging

   The three-phase transformer is gradually aging under the action of electricity, heat and oxygen during operation. However, after the transformer oil ages, the air absorption and polymerization degree of the oil increase, resulting in an increase in the gas in the oil and an increase in the kinematic viscosity. In addition, the increase of gas inside the three-phase transformer will reduce the insulation breakdown voltage of the oil, and cannot adapt to the operating conditions of the three-phase transformer, which will seriously affect the operating life of the transformer and cause equipment accidents.

Second: The influence of moisture

   35kv dry-type transformer manufacturers say that even after dehydration processes such as kerosene steam drying, vacuum refueling, and hot oil circulation, a certain amount of water will remain in the three-phase transformer. However, the water in the transformer is mainly stored in the insulating paperboard and insulating oil, which deteriorates the electrical properties of the three-phase transformer oil and insulating paperboard. As the water content increases, the resistance and breaking strength decrease.


Third: the impact of electrical aging

  Because the three-phase transformer oil contains a small amount of moisture and impurities, the equipment is prone to partial discharge due to the electric field. In addition, because some three-phase transformer design schemes are unscientific, the field strength of some parts is higher than other parts, poor internal connection of the three-phase transformer will cause partial discharge, and the rapid development of partial discharge of machinery and equipment will cause insulation Thermal breakdown of the layer, thereby endangering the life of the transformer.

   Not only that, the operation of 35kv dry-type transformers is also affected by the deterioration of transformer oil, moisture, and electricity. In addition, three-phase transformers are also affected by thermal aging. The higher the operating temperature of machinery and equipment, the faster and faster the exothermic reaction of the insulation material of the transformer will develop, the faster the impact toughness and the compressive strength of electrical equipment will be damaged, the greater the relative aging rate, and the greater the use of transformers in the work. The shorter the life span.

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