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Main composition of oil-immersed transformer


The big difference between oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers is whether there is "oil" or not. Because oil is liquid and has fluidity, oil-immersed transformers must have a shell. The inside of the shell is aviation hydraulic oil. The electromagnetic coil of the transformer is invaded, and the electromagnetic coil of the transformer is invisible from the outside; while the dry-type transformer has no oil and no casing, and the electromagnetic coil of the transformer can be seen immediately; one feature is that Oil-immersed transformers have oil pillows on them, and aviation hydraulic oil is stored inside, but nowadays new three-phase oil-immersed transformers are also manufactured without oil pillows;

Three-phase oil-immersed transformer is this kind of universal power engineering and high-power electrical appliances. It fully exerts the greatest effect and maintains a relatively large role in regulating the working voltage and current volume. The composition of oil-immersed transformers It is very rich, and the basic principle is very complicated. What are the components of oil-immersed transformers? The details are as follows:

1, Winding

The winding is the circuit part of the oil type transformer, usually made of copper wire or aluminum wire. The windings connected to the high-voltage power grid are high-voltage windings, and the windings connected to the low-voltage power grid are low-voltage windings.


2, Iron core

7-stage stepping iron core structure, the transformer iron core is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which greatly reduces no-load loss and no-load current, and reduces noise.


3, Tap changer

For high-voltage conductors, use high-quality load-transformation tap power switches for on-load transformation, and use non-excitation regulators for low-current transformers with non-excitation regulators. Use three for large currents. Only single-phase electric non-excitation regulator taps the power switch.


4, Insulation layer

Insulation materials for transformers are mainly electric porcelain, electric laminate wood and insulating paperboard. Transformer insulation is divided into external insulation and internal insulation, mainly winding insulation and internal lead insulation, as well as tap changer insulation.


5, Hermetically sealed tank

The tank is three-phase oil-immersed power transformer oil application for smoother application of oil-immersed transformer , 

The oil tank is the shell of an oil immersed type transformer, Oil tanks of oil-immersed transformers occupy a very critical part.

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