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Medium voltage winding


The Medium Voltage windings are manufactured using industry-leading constant tension automatic winding process,with aluminium or copper conductors,  insulated with a film of polyester in class F and  H and C in case of special projects. The resin used  to encapsulate the windings is an epoxy-resin  with added alumina, silicon and other additives.  This is prepared in temperature controlled  conditions in a special mixing machine. The cycle of polymerisation is controlled by  a software in order to guarantee the two  temperature values, correct jellification and  therefore the polymerisation. The partial  discharges measured on  Medium Voltage  windings are less than 5 pC at 1,3 Un. The  regulation of the primary voltage is obtained  directly moving the nearby diagram. 

double  layer winding where the primary insulation either consists of a high heat resistant polyesterimide  coating with a temperature index of 200°C or Nomex thread winding of the temperature class C  (220°C). As the operating temperature of Varelen Cast Resin Transformers rarely reaches the limit of the  temperature class F (155°C), the primary insulation has sizeable temperature reserves.

cast resin dry type  transformers is that the  conductors of the high voltage winding are completely encapsulated  in a cast resin body with a smooth surface. This can only be carried  out in moulded formers under vacuum. Varelen production technology and materials used can also be distinguished through important  unique features which set them apart technically from other cast  resin transformers and make them a very dependable and very reliable  solution.

 • Reversed equipped

 • Surgeproof

 • Quantum-leap

 • Endurance-enhanced

Cast Resin Transformers’ low voltage winding is almost always used as a full length foil winding. The advantages of this form of winding are evident: 

 • Reduction of additional losses 

 • Even temperature distribution in the coil 

 • High short circuit consistency

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