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1600kva dry type transformer


we are dry type cast resin transformer company,  dry type transformer advantages

1. safe, fireproof, pollution-free, and can be directly operated in the load center

2. Adopting domestic advanced technology, high mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, low partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life;

3. Low loss, low noise, maintenance-free;

4. Good heat dissipation performance, strong overload capacity, and capacity operation can be increased when forced air cooling;

5. Good moisture-proof performance, adapt to high humidity and other harsh environments;

6. Three phase Dry-type transformers can be equipped with a complete temperature detection and protection system. Using intelligent signal temperature control system, it can automatically detect and circulate display the respective working temperature of the three-phase windings, can automatically start and stop the fan, and have functions such as alarm and trip;

Dry transformer 1600kva.jpg

1600kva transformer.jpg

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