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GNAN mining transformer


500kva explosionproof transformer,  voltage up to 10kv, transformer capacity up to 8mva, 

Cooling medium: nitrogen gas, 

Temperature class H 200℃ or 220℃ 

Cooling way: GNAN

Enclosure Protection class: up to IP56

Varelen flameproof transformers have been developed for use in hazardous areas (zone 2 ) in underground mining operations.

flameproof dry type transformer using nitrogen gas to suppress arc explosions these transformers significantly reduce the chance of fire and explosions underground.

The tank is hermetically sealed and positively pressurised to prevent moisture ingress, giving the unit a much longer operational life. Even when cooled or off-load, moisture ingress is nil. With moisture ingress eliminated, the life of the explosionproof transformer is extended and monitoring of the internal gas pressure is the only requirement.

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