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What is oil immersed transformer


Oil-immersed type transformers   are manufactured and tested in accordance with the IEC 60076 standard and can be further customised upon customer request. The standard power range is 25 kVA to 20MVA with voltage up to 36 kV, tapping Off-circuit tap changer 5 positions.

the oil type distribution transformer consist of Iron core, bushing, winding, tap changer, tanks.

Liquid immersed distribution transformers are used in power distribution or electrical substations. Their core and coils are immersed in oil, which cools and insulates. Oil circulates through ducts in the coil and around the coil and core assembly, moved by convection. The oil is cooled by the outside of the tank in small ratings, and by an air-cooled radiator in larger ratings.

Oil-type transformers can be ground-, pad- or pole-mounted for use outdoors. They deliver efficient performance in diverse applications including transmission and distribution networks, renewable energy generation, and small industries.

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