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What is a series reactor?


At present, if it is necessary to supplement the advanced reactive capacity of the system in a primary power station, parallel compensation capacitors and parallel compensation complete sets can be adopted. In order to reduce the inrush current multiple during the switching process of power capacitors and suppress the high-order harmonics of the power grid, it is necessary to use series reactors in the parallel compensation device.

The following figure shows several common ways of high-voltage power capacitors and series reactors.

series reactor.jpg

In the parallel compensation capacitor bank loop, after the electronic controller is connected in series, it can also suppress the high-order harmonics of the capacitor branch, reduce the operating overvoltage, and to a certain extent limit the current of the capacitor input and removal time.

The series reactor is an iron core reactor with an air gap. The long-term use maximum current is 1.35 times the rated current, so the product temperature rise should be designed according to the long-term use maximum current.

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