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2000kva substation.

This new electrical power  substation can be wide range used in the city public distribution, high building, residential quarter, mining, port, park, car station, air port, subways.

Performance Features

1. lt has good heat insulation and ventilation measures. A double layers structure is adopted in the cabinet, and the heat insulationmaterial is also set in the interlayer, which effecively reduces the temperature rise caused by sunshine. 

2. Safe and reliable operation. The high voltage side of the transformer substation selects RMU model XGN15- 12 and SRM-12, could alsoadopt other types of metal clad switchgear, complete Five-Preventions interlock. Each door frame has good waterproof structure.

3. It is convenient to operate and maintain. Each compartment has automatic lighting device, transformer compartment has track andcart, convenient for transformer intallation, maintenance and replacement.

4.The appearance is beautiful and durable. The cabinet shell is made of high performance marine zinc rich epoxy primer and epoxyanticorrosive mortar, which has good anticorrosive property, and the surface color can be configured arbitrarily with the environment.All electrical insallations are all galvanized, and it adopts a special anti blocking and anti rust universal lock.

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