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Exported Mine substation to Chile

 Varelen designs and manufacturers substations for each client’s specific application. 

They are designed to be quickly and easily moved from one location to another with minimal downtime. 

Our substations can be designed to incorporate any size transformers with any combination of voltages. 

Exported portable mine substation distribution transformer  to Chile, 

Main technical parameters

1) Cooling system: ONAN

2) Ambient temperature: -25+40

3) Installation: 3500m a.s.l

4) Insulation type:Silicone

5) Oil type: Silicone oil

6) Nominal power: 750kVA

7) Number of phases: 3 Nr.

8) Frequency: 50Hz

9) Frequency Variation:+- 0,4%

10) Primary voltage: 4160V

11) Tapings: ±2*2.5%

12) No load secondary voltage :400/231

13) Vector group Dy1

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