Integrated substations


Integrated substation

Photovoltaic step-up substation, compact structure, high sealing performance, Casing body with high environmental adaptability
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Compact structure

High sealing performance

Casing body with high environmental adaptability

Intelligent control

Strong weather resistance, easily adapt to local climate

Good sealing property, sand-proof and salt spray resistance

Flexible configuration, small size, large capacity

Related product parameters

Main Specifications

Dry-type transformer type

Cast resin

Manufacturing standards


Rated capacity

up to 25MVA

Rated output voltage

Up to 36KV

Rated output power

315 ~2400kW


Single or three phase


With tapping links or on-load tap changer


On request


50Hz or 60Hz

Vector groups

Dy, Yy, Yd as standard. Other on request

class insulation

According to IEC 60085, Class F or Class H

Temperature rise

With ambient temperature in accordance with IEC 60076-11

Type of cooling


IP rate

IP00 to IP54

Environment class


Climate class


Fireproof class



Step-up substation is designed as box type and specially for new energy generation industry, which can adjust the low voltage from inverter station to high voltage and then run in power grid. So a box-type inverter station and a step-up station can be integrated into one power generation station. It’s widely applied in Solar Energy Power Plant, Wind Energy Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant, etc.
PV power station
 Nuclear Power Plant
wind power
 Nuclear Power Plant

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