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10MVA dry type rectifier transformer

10.4mva dry type transformer is one of the biggest dry type rectifier transformer on the world, which weight is up to 20tons
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  • 10.4mva dry type transformer
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  2. 10.4mva dry type transformer

C-class Dupont Nomex paper ,high aging-resistance and long service lifetime

High quality silicon steel sheet

Safe and reliable,strong overload capability

Excellent anti-short circuit capability and great anti-lightning impulse capability

The advanced VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) technology is adopted to enable the products with excellent electric and mechanical performance

Related product parameters

Main Specification
Transformer type
3 phase  dry type transformer
Input rated voltage AC   10KV
Rated current 278A
Vector groupDyn11
Insulation classH
Copper material
Impendance6% - 8%
Environmental Temperature
Life time20 years

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It is most suitable for the load center which required high fireproof safety and environmental protection, such as airport, subway, power plants, metallurgy, hospital, high-level, shopping center, residents concentration areas, petrochemical, nuclear power, nuclear submarines and other important places. It’s the ideal power supply and distribution equipment.

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