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2000kva Dry type transformer

Safe and reliable,high insulation level, strong overload capacity, highly insulating C-class
  • 2000kva dry type transformer
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  1. 2000kva dry type transformer
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C-class Dupont Nomex paper 

High quality silicon steel sheet

Safe and reliable,strong overlaod capability

Highly insulating

Factory Test & Report


Factory Advantages

  • Personalized customization

    Only Focused on transformers, but we offer customized different types of transformers.

  • +20 years experience

    +20 years experience R&D team, derived from a 60 years history transformer factory in Changsha city of China.

  • Drew up the National Standard for Mining Explosion-proof Substation

    One of the drafters of Chinese National Standard (for Mining explosion-proof Mobile Substations). Unique deisgning for customers' convenience,like “Vertically Lifting”.


Dry type transformer is suitable for power transmission and distribution system, hotel, restaurant, hospitals, shopping malls, bank buildings ,stadiums, airports, stations especially heavy load centers and places with special fire protection requirements. Dry type transformer is the best choice for specific markets where safety or ecology are main concerns.

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