Mining transformers


Mining Oil immersed transformer

Energy saving, easliy adopt to the grid, easy connection process, liquid immersed transformer are copper winding,loss noise solution
  • special oil immersed transformer
  • oil immersed transformers
  • distribution transformer price
  1. special oil immersed transformer
  2. oil immersed transformers
  3. distribution transformer price

Low noise solution

Efficient transformers with reduced losses

High frequency-low losses

Environmental friendly,Manintance free

Easily adopt to the grid, easy connection process


Customized design

Related product parameters

Main Specification
Primary Voltage1kv
Secondary Voltage415V
Winding materialCopper
Insulation levelAC5/ AC3
Environment temperature-25~ +40


Varelen offers a complete range of power and distribution transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial,and commercial applications. Our oil-immersed transformers are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards. Transformers can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and can be provided with off-load and on-load tap changers.

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