Dry type transformers


Dry type isolating transformer

Isolating transformer with earth screen ,provide galvanic isolation between input and output windings.
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Power capacity, Input voltage and output voltage can be customized

Maintenance-free, easy to install, low comprehensive operating cost

Low loss, small noise, heat dissipation ability

Isolate dangerous voltages

Non grain core design for low remanence flux density for applications with specific in-rush current requirements

Dry type Air natural transformers are available with PT100 temperature probe and controller

Related product parameters

Mian Specification
Typeisolating step down
Capacity15 - 2500kva  (can be customized)
Voltage415V ( can be customized)
Winding materialCopper and Aluminum available
Insulation classF (155°C) / H(180°C)/ C(220°C)
Attitude1000m , 2000m
Frequency50 /60Hz
Protection classIP21
StandardAS/NZS 60076
Vector groupDyn11
Noise level60dB
Service life30 years

Factory Advantages

  • Personalized customization

    Only Focused on transformers, but we offer customized different types of transformers.

  • +20 years experience

    +20 years experience R&D team, derived from a 60 years history transformer factory in Changsha city of China.

  • Drew up the National Standard for Mining Explosion-proof Substation

    GB8286 (Mining explosion-proof Mobile Substations)the product of National standard that origin and inheritor,Unique designing for customers' convenience,like “Vertically Lifting”


Isolation transformer is mainly used for industrial machines, laboratory equipment, meters and instruments, medical devices, Coal mine, and so on.

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