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Varelen Electric Co., Ltd. is based in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, with convenient water , railway,  and air transportation.  It is originated from a super leading transformer factory, Changsha Transformer Factory which was founded in 1956 and Varelen retains the original technical team and manufacturing process background.Varelen is still on its own special way to explore the newest and most advanced technology and devices.


Varelen owns a production base in Ningxiang Industrial Park, Changsha City, and a professional design & development team  with many years of experiences. We design and manufacture Oil-immersed Transformer, Epoxy Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer, VPI Dry  type Transformer , Phase-Shifting rectifier Transformer, Reactor, Prefabricated Substation , Mobile Substation, etc, and  offer specialized research and development , customized services and system solution. Varelen is equipped with professional and advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, adopts industry-leading constant tension automatic winding process,  iron core clamping winding,  foil winding, 7-step stepping lap iron core structure, cast resin transformer using vacuum epoxy casting,distribution transformer using  vacuum oil filled,  Constant temperature Drying and curing equipment, and VPI impregnation insulation,  The insulation treatment process can ensure the requirements of different types of products and application scenarios.    Measurement of winding resistance,Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement, Measurement of short-circuit impedance and loss , Measurement of no-load loss and current,Temperature-rise type test, etc, Comprehensive performance testing and rigorous quality process control ensure that the products are strictly executed according to the process and reach the set product standards and best performance. Products produced by Varelen have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa,etc. We also keep good technical cooperation and commercial trade relations with Euopean countries.

We are focused on Intelligent, miniaturized, integrated design and we will continue to work hard to better our products and service. 

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