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Power Utilities

Energy companies today need to deliver success across the power value chain, while spearheading the transition towards a carbon-neutral future. Yet, ever-rising grid complexity coupled with the pressure to adapt to rapid changes in technology increase the already relentless demands placed on utilities’ aging and complex infrastructure and operations. 

Mine & Tunnel

Mines have a high demand for electricity, and power quality is an important consideration. We can help you assess and consider the specification of the power system in advance. The experience we provide will help you define and solve power problems while reducing mine downtime. Mines have harsh environmental conditions, solid pollution (dust), when adjusting personalized solutions for the mining industry, Varelen products make your equipment a flexible, safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly device.

Industrial Drive

Industrial process control requires automation systems with a high level of reliability and availability, clear and objective operation, Varelen Easy Power through the most advanced technology to ensure high performance, simple operation and productivity improvement of industrial processes. The integration of motor, driver, generator and rectifier equipment provides the ideal solution for each requirement.

Renewable Energy

With the continuous development of modern society, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher. Start to provide reliable, safe and high-quality products for solar, wind, photovoltaic and other new energy systems.




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