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66KV transformer shipment to Australia, SGS inspection


The 66KV transformer , 8mva oil immersed power transformer with 8 cooling fans, with ester, a flame-retardant, biodegradable insulating fluid. 66KV transformer design galvanizing technology , with corrosion resistance and rust-proof, design a special bule paiting for marine environmental, also used for offshore projects. its will be delivered to Australia,  and will supply environmentally friendly power.

The third-party company SGS was commissioned to inspect the 66KV power transformers. On this day, SGS inspectors to our factory and inspect customers' products. With the cooperation of our production department, quality control department and technical department, the following tests were successfully completed:Dielectric routine tests, Measurement of winding resistance,Measurement of no-load loss and current,Induced overvoltage withstand test and so on. 

Through SGS third-party inspection, we also broadcast the production process and inspection process for customers to show the strength of  Varelen  to customers. Finally, we provide on-site product photos and videos, and issue third-party inspection reports to win the trust of customers and complete the delivery.

Varelen Electric can provide power utilities, renewable energy, Industrial drive, mining and industries worldwide with equipment and services to bring power reliably and efficiently from the point of generation to end power consumers.

8mva power transformer

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