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Green Hydrogen Systems designs and manufactures efficient, standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen with renewable energy.

Green hydrogen (H2) serves as a versatile energy carrier capable of driving decarbonization across various sectors. Whether utilized directly or in derivative forms such as e-methanol, e-ammonia, or e-fuels, it presents a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels, coal, and gas.

A Shift Beyond Power Generation: While approximately 40% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions stem from power generation, the remaining 60% originates from diverse sources including industry, transportation, and residential sectors. Addressing these emissions necessitates sector coupling, leveraging green hydrogen and its derivatives to facilitate the integration of renewable energy into these sectors.

Varelen design and manufacturing oil immersed rectifiers transformer can power Green Hydrogen electrolyser production .converter duty transformer

In the realm of green hydrogen production, the role of converter transformers is paramount. These transformers serve as indispensable components within electrolyzers,  Here's  converter transformers contribute to the success of green hydrogen projects:

Scalability and Flexibility: Flexible product configuration, 6-pulse, 12-pulse parallel, serial, serial sequential, 18-pulse , 24-pulse and 36 pulse.multi pulse transformers

Voltage Conversion: Converter transformers play a crucial role in adjusting voltage levels to match the requirements of electrolysis processes. By converting high-voltage electrical input from renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, into levels suitable for electrolyzer operation, these transformers ensure efficient energy utilization.

Power Regulation: Efficient green hydrogen production relies on stable and regulated power supply. Converter transformers help maintain consistent power output, optimizing the performance of electrolysis systems. This ensures reliable hydrogen generation while minimizing energy wastage.

Grid Integration: As green hydrogen projects scale up, seamless integration with existing electrical grids becomes essential. Converter transformers enable smooth connectivity between renewable energy sources, electrolyzers, and grid infrastructure, facilitating the injection of green hydrogen into the energy network.

Enhanced Efficiency: By minimizing energy losses during conversion and transmission, converter transformers contribute to overall system efficiency. This not only reduces operational costs but also enhances the environmental credentials of green hydrogen production, aligning with sustainability goals.

Varelen's factory manufactures converter oil transformers high efficiency, superior product quality, and minimal maintenance requirements. By adopting a modular design approach, we optimize costs, streamline installation, and enhance transportability.

Varelen's converter transformer for Electrolyzer Portfolio: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Hydrogen Production: Efficient generation of green hydrogen from water and renewable energy demands cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.


Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Benefit from our extensive expertise across industrial, mobility, and energy sectors, as we deliver reliable solutions for green hydrogen production. Leveraging decades of experience, a global presence, robust partnerships, and a skilled workforce, we cover the entire energy value chain from renewable power generation to hydrogen and Power-to-X production.

Embrace the Green Hydrogen Economy

Are you prepared to embrace the opportunities presented by the green hydrogen economy? Siemens Energy stands ready to be your partner in sustainable hydrogen generation, ushering in a cleaner, more sustainable future.


What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen (chemical symbol H) is a gas. As a molecule (H2), it occurs only in small amounts in nature and it is mainly chemically bound, such as H2O.

How can the energy stored in hydrogen be used?

By combusting hydrogen, it delivers heat. Used in fuel cells, hydrogen is converted electrochemically  to electrical energy.

How can hydrogen be stored?

Hydrogen can be stored in tanks as a compressed gas or as a liquid. Hydrogen can also be stored in caverns or in the natural gas grid for different applications and if the grid fulfils all technological requirements.

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