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Varelen team designed 7000kva oil immersed transformer for our customers, It effectively reduces the waste of electric energy, reduces the cost of energy, and helps to reduce carbon emissions.

unique design double split low voltage coil , the low voltage coil is divided into two equal capacity coils.


Dual split design makes maintenance and service easier.

When a coil needs to be serviced or overhauled, it is not necessary to interrupt the operation of the entire transformer, but only to temporarily switch to another coil. This can greatly reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Double circuit load-Load balancing:

Since the two low-voltage coils are each responsible for half of the load capacity, this design allows for better load balancing. This is very useful for preventing overloads and imbalances in the power system, helping to improve the stability of the system.


Low loss and high efficiency
The low loss nature of the oil-immersed distribution transformers minimizes energy waste, thereby improving the overall efficiency.  Every hour of solar energy can be converted into electricity to the maximum extent possible, reducing operating costs while also helping to reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainable development goals.


The transformer has:
⚡high voltage 22KV, dual spilt low voltage 0.63KV-0.63KV
⚡Hot Dip Galvanized Radiator
⚡Vector group Dyn11yn11

⚡C5 anti-corrosion painting

⚡Temperature rise test and Lightning impulse test


7000KVA oil immersed power transformers are the future of solar power generation. With its dual split design, low loss, high efficiency and reliability, it provides a stable, clean and sustainable power conversion solution for photovoltaic power plants.

7000kva oil immersed transformer

split low voltage winding

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