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Phase shift rectifier transformer

  • ♦multi-pulse transformer solutions for harmonic mitigation in AC drives
  • ♦Multi-phase units available, 6,12, 24, 36 pulse Bridge
  • ♦Maintenance-free fastening body structure, keep reliable in the long-distance transport and operation
  • ♦VPI transformer Made of Class C Dupont insulation materials with big running temperature rise margin, strong overload capacity, high fire resistance, good thermal stability and long service life

  • ♦Made of high-performance silicon steel sheet material and lower magnetic flux density design so as to withstand over-voltage and harmonic influence unsaturated.   

Phase shift rectifier transformer
VPI dry type transformer
phase shift transformer
Multi pulse transformer
Multi phase transformer

Related product parameters

Main Specifications
Type dry type
Phase three phase
Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Rated Capacity 250 to 10000kVA
Rated HV 3kV to 13.8kV
Rated LV 3kV to 10kV
Temperature Rise 125K
Cooling Mode AN / AF
Insulation Class H
Winding Connection Code Y/E/yn
Impendance 6- 9%
Secondary Windings Available 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 36 windings
Maximum temperature +40℃
Minimum temperature -25℃
Altitude 1000M

Factory Advantages:

  • . Customized design as per buyer s demand.
  • . +20 years experience R&D team, derived from a 60 years history transformer factory.
  • . Offering 36 secondary windings:which provides lower harmonic influence on electricity grid and equipments.


Multi pulse rectifier transformer, Multi-phase power supply for Variable Frequency Drives. Frequency Inverter. High Voltage Rectifier, and installed in  Power Plant. Boiler Fan. Coal. Mining. Petroleum. Steelworks and Water-supply System etc.




For each transformer are prepared and issued a test report, in accordance with IEC 60076. except for routine tests, we also offer type tests and specialised tests to meet all customer requirements. We make what matters work for our customers in a safe and reliable way.

harmonic transformer

 Routine test     

  •  Measurement of winding resistance      
  •  Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase  displacement 
  •  Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
  •  Measurement of no-load loss and current      
  •  Separate-source AC withstand voltage test     
  •  Induced AC withstand voltage test    
  •  Partial discharge measurement

    Type test           

  •  Partial discharge measurement   
  •  Temperature-rise test    

    Special test  

  •   Lightning impulse test      
  •   Measurement of sound level          
  •   Short-circuit test       

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