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Vegetable oil for oil immersed transformer


Varelen has recently delivered two sets of 12MVA power transformers for mining in Malaysia successfully. 12 MVA mining oil-immersed transformer  is a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for providing electrical power to mining operations.


The 12 MVA non-flame mining oil immersed transformer is with advanced technology and adopts the high quality material.

  1. Environment-friendly transformer with low no-load loss, no-load current and noise;
  2. Whole sealed with vacuum oil filling,high stability of insulation;


This type of mining oil-immersed transformers are specifically designed for using in non-flame proof mining fields. Because the harsh operating conditions in mines, the mining industry requires many compact and robust designed transformers.


Varelen has a professional R&D team with many skilled and high professional design engineers to design different types transformers according different technical requirements and covering all of the mining-related needs either non-flame proof mines or flame proof mines. Till now, Varelen has installed many units mining type transformers in different mine sites all over the world.

12mva power transformer

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